CONICET and UNMDP are delighted to present the results of survey carried out during August to September 2015. 48 agents from different sectors of society: industry, public sector, private sector, civil society and academia working in the area of water management in the city of Mar del Plata were interviewed. The main aims of the survey are: 1) to identify the organisations related to water use and management in the city of Mar del Plata; 2) identify of project action areas; 3) perception of Integral Water Recources in the pilot area of Mar del Plata; 4) capacity building in areas to the project WaterClima-LAC.

Six professionals from CONICET and UNMDP carried out the survey.

Full document can be found here (original version in Spanish).

Further information about the survey: Dr. Hector Massone,

PRESS RELEASE: 19th of October 2015

WaterClima LAC – Coastal Zones team would like to draw your attention to the 2nd Joint Call on Research and Innovation. The aim of the ERANet-LAC Joint Calls is to start new, multilateral and sustainable research cooperation between researchers from both continents Europe and Latin America and Caribbean countries. Within the framework of the 2nd ERANet-LAC Joint Call, projects duration up to 36 months.

The 2nd ERANet-LAC Joint Call is of a flexible nature to ensure that a wide variety of funding institutions is able to join the Joint Call. Researchers from European, Latin America and Caribbean countries are encouraged to apply for funding, as they are eligible to participate.

Bear in mind that each participating funding institution will apply its individual/regional funding regulations. Applicants must to check the national/regional regulations of their funding organisations.

Proposal submission deadline: Thursday 10th March 2016 (15.00 hrs CET).
More information: Guide for Applicants and ERANet-LAC 2nd Joint Call on Research and Innovation

PRESS RELEASE: 1st of December 2015


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